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Dual or Triple Monitor Docking Station?

Hi there!

I want to check if anyone has an idea of a good docking station for this monitor set-up (below). Ideally with at least 2 USB inputs for another keyboard + mouse separated from the desktop stuff, just using the displays (2 or all 3). I would control the displays using the simple built-in source buttons.

Monitor 1: HDMI (USED by desktop), DP (FREE), VGA (FREE)
Monitor 2: DVI (USED by desktop), HDMI (FREE), VGA (FREE)
Monitor 3: HDMI (USED by desktop), VGA (FREE)
I could also get converters or swap things around if needed.

Ideally, I wan’t to be able to plug 3 different modern work laptops and quickly use the 3 monitors. The work laptops can be assumed to support Thunderbolt and / or USB-C.

Thanks for any suggestion!!

I use one of these

It would meet your requirement if you used a dp to hdmi convertor.

Works great for my setup (2 desktops 3 work laptops) and the cable does charging so it’s a “one wire” solution on my desk for the laptops … And a handy phone charger.

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Thanks a lot for the tip, that clearly states that it supports 2 monitors. It’s a bit pricy at 200 Euro but would work. I also find other USB “Docking stations” with the correct ports, sometimes a lot cheaper, like 30 Euro or so but it’s always unclear if they support only one monitor (meaning you can only use one port at a time) or more. I have found one at 300 Euro which claims to support 3 monitors, so I guess you get what you pay for, as usual :slight_smile:

There is no need to get a new one. Firms sell these off like day old donuts after about 2 years. This listing for £80 is about normal and same as I payed last year.

Note the limitation on monitors is a function of the cable, running more than 2 screens at 1080p 60Hz needs a thunderbolt cable.

This one may be able to drive a dp, hdmi and VGA altogether but you would need to test. Same price as above though so nothing lost. Seems like a newer model

Quick update: I found more alternative docking stations here for dual and triple monitor set-ups, and basic reviews as a starting point:

Meanwhile, for me the story took a turn last night as I realized (a bit late but… ) that in the house another family member has a newer monitor with DP1.2 In and Out as well as a USB-C hub (Lenovo p27h-10), so I will be trying that out first using daisy chaining. I ordered 2 DP1.2 and USB-C 3.1 Gen2 cables.