Dual-monitor stand or singular dual-monitor setup?

Hey all,

So I'm wanting a dual-monitor setup to use for video editing and 3D modelling.

I'm wanting the best colour accuracy possible for my budget so I'm looking at the Dell UltraSharp PremierColor monitors, if possible.

I'm mainly going for 24" (1920x1200) due to them being cheaper.

The question that I'm having at the moment is the pro Vs con of a dual monitor stand or the standard singular monitor dual setup?

One of these:



Two of these:


Besides the obvious cost factor, are there any benefits with having the dual monitor on one stand setup?

I'm looking at spending ~AUD $800.00 total... I'm lenient, but that's the desired spending amount. 




Well when editing I use two monitors. One normally has the editing program open and the other either is a full screen resolution of what im editing or something like audio levels or editing folder. I would go for the two monitor setup as the monitors should be good enough unless you are thinking about pro grade editing and you need an accurate color. 

Yeah, I'm more questioning whether I should have 2x monitors on one stand or as separate monitors...

I say get the cheapest total setup that fits. Unless you plan on moving them around a lot, a single stand should work fine I would think.