Dual Monitor Question?

Hi everyone

I'm thinking about upgrading to a second monitor but I am wanting to get it as a TV so that I can use my PS3 on the same desk. However, the only TVs that aren't too expensive don't have a DVI input, which is what I am using on my current monitor. This would mean that I would have to use HDMI/VGA to connect the TV to my computer. Is there any real detriment to using a different kind of connection on each screen? I saw somewhere that there was.

Thanks for any assistance you can give as always.

I've never read anything on this, but I have experience with it. My main monitor uses DVI and my TV is on HDMI. I've never received a frame rate drop from extending or duplicating my monitor onto the TV. I've done this with both a 6870 and a 6970 with the Witcher 2 on Custom High (I turned some things up). I've run all sorts of other things as well, such as a PS2 emulator, Civilization 5,  Team Fortress 2, and though I've never recorded the frame rates on them there was never a noticeable performance drop from just running them on my monitor.

There would be no performance degradation caused by using different connections, or by using two monitors versus one. What you heard is entirely nonsense.

just so you know you don't have to get a tv for the ps3, as long as you get a monitor with hdmi input

Okay, that brilliant. I was really starting to panic. And I know I can use HDMI its just that I will be using component as I will be recording, hence I need the TV. But thanks anyway.

Thanks everyone!

or, you could get this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236305

has 2 hdmi inputs, although, no DVI.