Dual Monitor Problems

I have a DVI and a VGA monitor plugged into my GPU. The VGA goes through a mini display port to VGA adapter. Every time I start up the computer, only the DVI monitor works so I have to unplug and plug in the VGA in order to get it to work.

I am wondering if there is something that I have to do to get the 2nd monitor (VGA) to work on startup. It might be that because I have to use an adapter, windows does not detect it for some reason.

Anyone know how to fix this?

try making the displayport monitor your 'main' monitor.

Hm, anything else? Its way too small to use as the main.

Im not sure, all i can say is hdmi + VGA works for me. Ill be getting a splitter and another hdmi cable though.

Ugh, now i have to re arrange the gadgets everytime I start the computer.

What is your GPU?

EDIT: ok, a 7950 windforce.

Think its the card causeing it?

you have DIV-I right? Try using  the vga off the dvi-i and the dvi off of the displayport or hdmi. If you have the adapters

Only have an adapter for Mini DP to VGA. Thanks for the idea though.

Looks like this is not a common problem...