Dual Graphics Richland

Is the 6670 the best card that u can dual graphics with or can u use 7000 series cards? I thought I saw someone using a 7750.

I'm not particularly sure on Richland. I believe the 7750 will work. I know the Kaveris can use the R7 240 and 250 but that i about it. 

If you haven't bought an APU yet don't. You are better off getting an Athlon 760k and a dedicated GPU. Much better value. Dual graphics is kinda terrible.

Agree with you if you haven't purchased an APU yet try to give us your budget and what you'll be using this PC for and we can try to recommended parts within your price.

I know I have the apu and I'm going to use dual graphics for a little just out of curiosity


I believe it was supposed to be used with some 6xxx cards, but there have been reports of success with the 7750.