Dual GPU?

Hey Guys,

     So I'm putting together my first build, and I thought I would like to go for three monitors. I was wondering if there were two graphics cards I could get and link together and get the same performance as the card I currently have, but still stay around the same price range. This is the card I've got picked now: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130949

Also, since this is my first build is linking these cards together something that I'll be able to do? I'm pretty clever, and tend to pick up on things like this quite quickly, but is it something I shouldn't even try to do with it being my first build?

Thanks in advance!

never start with multi gpu unless you're already at the top of  the line, it's not that it's hard to set up, it's just a bad idea, sli/cf have too many problems to do it unless you're adding one down the line, you're getting an absolutly retarded deal on them, or there's nothing better on the market

Totally agree - I run SLI and have had no issues but I would not start with a mid level card in SLI ever

If you want to SLI because your gonna run multiple monitors I would get and AMD card with alot of ram on it. Thats only if your willing to give up the onboard advanced physx that NVIDIA cards have to offer. SLI does have some bugs and not all applications can take advantage of it, so that is something to keep in mind depending on what you do on your PC.


I would go for like one 780 instead : / , However the 700 series is very good for multi monitor game play so either way is a good choice

maybe wait for amd 9000 : /???