Dual gpu unraid setup problem

Unraid server

Today I added a 2nd gpu (amd rx570) to go with my 1st gpu (amd rx570)

When I assign 2nd gpu and start vm (Kubuntu VM,2nd vm) my vm tab disappears and docker tab and cant access 2nd vm (Kubuntu) but can still access my win11 vm (1st vm)

Both cards have their own iommu grouping (16 & 34)

I have a 750watt gold psu…would that be sufficient for 2 gpus and 5 hdds?

Im not sure what to check for next, any suggestions would be greatful

I took 2nd gpu out and now everything back to normal

So again is a 750w psu enough to run, threadripper cpu, 2 x gpu, 5 hdds??


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