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Dual E5-2680 build



can you force turbo @3.5 all of the time?


The usb3.0 isn't quite standard, the header is slightly smaller than standard if I remember right. As far as forcing the 3.5, the most you can do is set the processors to always run in the highest power state so they don't down clock, otherwise in day to day activities I will see four or so cores running at 3.5 while all the others are idling at 2.8


Figured I would add a bit of an update. The system is still running perfectly, so I decided to give it a bit of a graphics upgrade. I got a good deal on a pair of Fury X's and figured at best crossfire would work fine, and at worst I could just resell one of the cards. Turns out this motherboard does support crossfire. I also swapped the PSU to a Seasonic X1050 for obvious reasons. I'll post updated benchmarks when I get the chance.


i have the same mother board and the same problem u had, so how did u solve it ?
1) did u modify the psu cable layout ? if so, how ? and what use was the aforementioned pinout diagram ?
2) "the front panel switch with ONLY the usb cable" can u please elaborate what happened after u got the switch.
3) u said... "Still not using the front panel no need for it so far" so how can u turn the power on ?

i know desperation is a stinky cologne...but can u please ....pretty please help me here.


Overclock it and let us know how it does doing folding @ home :3


You have to modify the 24 pin connector from your power supply using the pinout in the first post, otherwise you wont get any reaction from the machine at all. The front panel switch is not necessary to turn it on, there is a "remote_pwr" header in the bottom right corner that you can connect a switch to or just short. The cpu power cables do not need any modification.


A quick picture of the final product, with some sleeving to match the motherboard.


You just made green PCB look good.
You deserve cookies.


I am also doing a similar build, one quick question. on the psu power supply. I have replicated the pins you put in the diagram compared to my evga g2 1300w and it doesnt do anything. The psu works and when i put the power plug in previous to finding this thread the fans did power on briefly.

Where the connector says blank i have completely removed the pins, should i leave blank metal connectors in there or wont that make any difference?

Thanks John



How to switching when i don't have I/O panel? What is the power button switch?


Given you know the power pin on the MoBo, you can short it to ground with a jumper (or piece of wire, copper coin, etc.). The power button on the front IO does nothing different, just allowing a short burst of current flow through those pins. Refer to the MoBo's manual to find out which pin is for power.
But I'm not entirely shure if I got your question right.


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it's beautiful :)


:''') i cri


I’m having such an irratating issue. I have a similar motherboard, but one cpu, e5-2640 v2. And i’ve done the powersupply mod, and it boots and the gpu fans run, and my keyboard lights up. But it will not display anything. And i dont have the I/O thing to show me error codes. any help?


This should probably be it’s own topic and have a full hardware list included. Anyway, maybe a motherboard speaker could tell you something?