[Dual] E5-2620 v3 vs [single] Platinum 8168

installed centos7 latest on both systems:

[dual] E5-2620 has all mem slots populated with DDR4 2133 - SSD+HDD for storage
[single] Platinum 8168 has all mem slots populated with DDR4 2666 - optane+ssd for storage

the Platinum 8168 gets from 3x to 10x better sysbench results than the older dual cpu system
one benchmark where it fails is memory read, where dual E5-2620 cpu gets lets say 70K points and the Intel 8168 gets like 50K points.

dual cpu has each cpu with 4 channels, the single cpu has 6 mem channels
will do an SQL test next , but i’m concerned since i work with inodb tables stored in memory , so memory read speed is important,

does those results look strange or normal ?

PS: tried rhel8 beta with kernel 4.18 but that gets even lower scores than centos7 latest.

The new 8168 has twice the physical cores as the dual E5 setup? 24 vs 12 if I have it right. Those cores are all on a single NUMA node instead of being spread across two, plus there are differences between base clock-speeds etc.

With regards to MySQL/MariaDB the memory performance on the dual core system will be impacted by NUMA configuration. On the new single socket setup this will won’t be a problem, but I could see that you will get overall lower memory through-put. How that will relate to your query performance - you are just going to have to test and find out.

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Yep, sounds about right to me. Numa can be a killer if not set up correctly.