Dual display problem

Hello so I am having an issue with my dual monitor setup. I want to run my main monitor (1440p at 165Hz) off of my gpu and my secondary monitor off of my igpu. My secondary monitor is a 1440p at 60Hz monitor. However when running off of the igpu it will only allow me to run it at 1080p at 60Hz or 1440p at 30Hz both of which look like trash. My secondary monitor also only has a DVI (cheap Korean monitor) port so I am using a DVI D to HDMI cable into my mother board. Whenever I try a custom resolution in the Intel UHD control panel with 1440p above 30Hz it says that it exceeds the maximum bandwidth. Is there any fix for this?

My mobo manufacturer says my mobo supports up to 4096 x 2160 @ 24Hz via HDMI.

May i ask why not run both off of your gpu?

Mainly just because I want to. Also even if driving the secondary display doesn’t take much I wouldn’t mind having it driven by a different gpu altogether. And then occasionally I wouldn’t mind having multiple games open. Of course I realize the igpu can’t drive many games I was talking more of simple indie games like Castle Crashers or something like that. But yeah it’s mainly a because I can sort of thing lol.

Ah crap well I just read the fine print on the cable and it says it only supports up to 1080p at 60Hz. Well that’s stupid. At least the cable was cheap though. :frowning: