Dual channel ram: should I bother?

I'm getting a pile of macbooks soon. I need to know this: if I can do dual channel 4 gb ram would that be better than 6 gb of ram? I don't know what the dofferences would be or if it will even matter in the end.

No it won't make a difference

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You are not likely to notice a difference in having both RAM channels active, but you are likely to notice a difference when having more RAM. I put 16GB of RAM in my shit-top laptop and it made a world of difference, especially since it only had 4GB originally. Later I added an SSD as a boot drive and now I don't want to put it down. ;)

[edit] So to sum it up. I would favor more RAM over faster RAM.

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The theoretical best to worst would be
fast dual channel
fast single channel
slow dual channel
slow single channel

however, as long as you A) have enough ram - and B) arent doing things that need super speedy memory access then you should be fine

also if you go with 6 or 8 gb in a single stick, you have room to upgrade later if required.

Well the mac J might end up with will have a t2500 Core Duo so 6 is as far as I can get but I will only be able to do 4 as it turns out x3. 4 gb ddr2 is rare as hell

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grab it before its gone

Haha I don't think I'll need it x3 thank ypu though!! I'm sure I can work something out in the event that I do want it. If I want 6 gogs it will be for minecraft or something. 4 will do, even 2.