Dual channel kit

Can i use two dual channel kits for my ram setup?

in the middle of ordering parts for my pc gaming rig.

and am looking to purchase kingston hyper x 1600 (2X8GB)X2 dual channel kit.

but is a dual channel kit only good for a two module ram set up or is it manditory for my to go out and buy a quad channel kit?


Only get quad channel if your mobo and cpu supports it. If not 2 kits is fine just make sure to slot them in the corresponding slots. 

what do you mean corresponding slots?


it'll be in your motherboard manuel, what slots to populate first/ in what order

generally it's every other slot example:

kit        kit    kit     kit

1         2       1      2

stick   stick  stick stick

1        1         2       2

though don't take my word for it try and find your motherboard manuel, if you tossed it you might find one online

though if i understand correctly you're getting 32gb for a gaming pc? why? i wouldn't even recomend 16

Yea like if you have color coded ram slots. Lets say 2 are red and 2 are green. Put kit 1 in the red slots and kit 2 in the green slots. But you manual will tell you which dimms run in dual mode if they are not color coded.

I would recommend 16, just no more. After that, it's pointless for gaming alone.