Dual booting Ubuntu and Android on tactile Laptop

Hi Guys,
I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop which is currently running ubuntu gnome. But I noticed that i absolutely never use it as a tablet.

Thus i would like to know if it is possible to dual boot ubuntu and an Android version (preferably the latest but that doesn't matter too much)? And if it is possible how do i do that? Can i create a bootable usb stick like i would with linux (dd or other)?

Also i would like to be able to chose between Ubuntu and Android when I boot.

I don't mind reformating my SSD

Thank you for your help

Hmm not trying to discourage you or say that dual booting to Android is dumb. But may I ask if you never use the device as a tablet why not just run Linux.

Are there android apps that you want/need that are not viable alternatives for in Linux?

Just curious.
I have never done this before so going to be watching this thread as it is interesting.

I just find that Linux, or at least the distros i tried (ubuntu unity, gnome, elementary, mint), not to be very touchscreen friendly. For instance the onscreen keyboard doesn't pop up like it would on a phone or tablet, everything is just really small and this particular laptop has a QHD display which just makes everything tiny.

Now i suppose i could find ways to bypass all these little things but first it is quite time consuming and second i like the idea of having two separate "workspaces" one for the laptop mode and the other for the tablet mode and to be able to chose one or the other and not being bothered by the huge icons and the onscreen keyboard poping up when using it as a laptop for instance. Though it might be possible to make some kind of a switch.. I don' know

I think i'll just post my progression as i go so if someone wants to do the same thing as me he can follow the same steps. Asof now i have found this : https://01.org/android-ia , i will try to look into it

I have a tablet(Acer Iconia W700), and used to Tripple-Boot Windows, Linux and Android. Android worked great, I just didn't found it that usefull after all, and uninstalled it after a while for space reasons(3 OS's sharing a 64GB SSD lol). The knstallation was straight forward though, Intel made a great installer! On my machine, without a physical keyboard, they even had a patched bootloader that allowed me to use the volume keys for navigation! If you have the space, you might give it a try!

As for scaling, I have the same issues as you on my tablet(Just a 1080p display, but quite small). I found thaz gnome works really well when upscaling the font using the accessebillity feature( If you put that in the system tray, you even get a toggle for the OSK). My DPI wasn't high enough for this to make sense, but gnome also supports Scaling(Via gnome-tweak-tool, if I recall correctly). You might give that another try.

Your motivation still is a bit unclear to me though. As a tablet user myself, I always have my BT keyboard case on & connected, and use it all the time. Don't get me wrong, I also use the Touchscreen a lot, but mostly for selecting Text, changing cursor position, etc. which all works great in Gnome. But not having a keyboard is really more of a struggle than usefull...