Dual Booting Linux Distros

Currently I’m dual booting Manjaro, Fedora, Linux Mint and Linux Mint on 1 nvme, and 3 SSD’s. I have on issue however.

Manjaro is dual boot all linux distro’s, but it doesn’t load the newest fedora kernel because fedora update’s the kernel faster then Manjaro and Manjaro’s experimental kernel I don’t believe would be a good stable option.

Fedora on the other hand loads all distros except Manjaro won’t boot.

I’ve tried updating both grubs, but no change comes from updating the grubs.

I originally installed Fedora and then installed Manjaro and used the fedora /boot/efi

Oddly enough it seems Manjaro, Fedora and 1 Linux Mint all have a /boot/efi

Fedora is installed on the nvme

Any Idea’s?

Put the bootloader on each distros disk and use the bios to select which one.

Just out of curiosity… Why so many different distros?


Why so many different distros?

Similarly, why not virtualize? Far less painful to distrohop when you won’t accidentally blow away the wrong boot record or partion. :slight_smile:


x2 for this… virtualize all the things!

Is it easy enough to use gpu pass-through?

I run a mix of deb rpm and pac to test out both open and proprietary amd drivers because certain OpenCL applications I use only work in certain OpenCL environments.

Do you have as much control over you gpu in virtualization?

Which one should I use VirtualBox?

Good god man just post your partition map

Also, Refind.

You’re welcome.

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Not a big deal, I’m just going to use Fedora and Manjaro on separate computers for now. Plus, I realized using Fedora on a desktop pc with satellite is not a good option. Fedora rolls out updates to fast.

Boy do they ever… I get more updates on my Fedora rigs than my Windows machine!