Dual booting issues, help!

So I started dual booting Ubuntu Gnome and Windows 10 roughly a month ago and I haven't really had a need for windows until now. So, today i went to load up Windows and it boots straight into recovery mode, and wont come out. Help TS forums!

This sounds like a windows issue more than a linux issue.

As a side note: are you using UEFI to boot? If so (optional and won't fix your issue) install rEFInd to replace whatever bootloader you're currently using to \EFI\rEFInd and configure the boot menu settings in your nvram to \efi\refind\refind_x64.efi

Okay now here is where it gets complicated. If you're not native booting EFI mode, fixing the windows side will break the linux side and I'm not sure how to fix that. Maybe linux people do.

So...find out if you're booting in EFI mode first.

1) enter the windows recovery mode
2) start a command prompt
3) bcdedit
4) if path \Windows\system32\winload.efi
then you're booting in uefi mode
or if path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
then you're booting in mbr mode and fixing the windows side will clobber the linux side
5) if you realllly want to fix the windows side use the bcdboot command

but need to find out what the drive letters for the windows installation is first
so either:
list disk
sel disk 0
list part
list volume

until you find \windows, \users \program files
Now you should have figured out which letter is your windows installation (this is dynamic)
then just bcdboot MyDriveLetter:\Windows
(example: bcdboot d:\windows)

If this returns an error:
If may be necessary to specify where to copy the boot files for MBR disks (booted using BIOS mode right?) to the active partition. The diskpart commands should have let you know which partition/volume is active that is so the command would look like
e:\windows /s c:
where c: is the partition currently active
For EFI mode (GPT disk right?) might have to mount the efi boot partition first: mountvol s: /s
and then
bcdboot c:\windows /s s:

Remember that if not booted into EFI mode and/or if you skipped the rEFInd install, you'll have to re-fix the Linux side now. If your'e using EFI, then just reset the default boot entry to in the nvram to \efi\refind\refind_x64.efi and you're good to go since rEFInd will handle the switching between linux and windows dynamically and automatically from now on.

Thanks! Will try!