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Dual-booting distros?

I’m currently running Solus but I want to run OpenSUSE tumbleweed alongside it. I don’t know how but I really want to try it. I am afraid screwing it up. Any tips?

just install the distro like you would any other OS and make sure each linux OS has os-prober installed

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The thing is that OpenSUSE sees the other distro but does not give any option for installing alongside it, just wiping the drive fully or doing the partitioning myself but I don’t know anything at all about partitioning.

what is the current partition layout?

sudo lsblk


are you booting via EFI?

UEFI, I don’t know if that is the same

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it basiclly is.

for a custom partioning i would shrink the root partition (sda3) and create 2 partitions

EFI System Partition (ESP) mounted at /boot/efi, and a root partition mount /

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Do they need to be specific values? Such as: 500 MiB or related?

ESP is fine at 100MB

and the root partition can be any size but remember that it will take away space from the other distro

Thanks for the help! I 'll try!


I’m not sure if tumbleweed defines esp as a file system “type”. It should be a </=FAT32 and have ‘boot’ and ‘esp’ flags set.

You may have to set those flags from gparted.