Dual Boot Windows 7 and Linux on 2 ssd's

I am new to Linux and want to start playing around with it and learning how it works. But my computer is used by the family my Wife and our daughter are not tech savvy and they understand windows. I just bought a M500 980 gig ssd that i plan on putting windows on because i do use Autocad and those programs for work on there. My Wife and daughter mostly serf the web and play little games on there nothing as intense as i do. But i want to learn Linux (Ubuntu) and I want to put that on an older C300 128 gig ssd. I will also have a 1 tb regular hard drive also in the system along with a 4 tb external. I have been searching around and cant seam to find much on how i should go about setting this up. I want it to default boot into windows after 10 seconds if i don't choose to boot into Linux.

I will be running this on an ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 with the AMD FX 8350 and 16 gigs of ram.

Any help would be appreciated.

Grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu ( and most Linux distros ), and it can handle what you want.
Unplug all of your drives except the Linux SSD.
Install Ubuntu normally, then plug your Windows disk back in. If you can only boot into Windows, change the default disk in your BIOS.
Boot into Ubuntu and install grub-customizer.
This page shows you how to install and use it. You can set the default option and time. Just make sure to hit save at the top of the program before you exit.