Dual Boot Seperate Hard Drive

Hey so I dual boot Fedora with random distros, ultimatley I found that ubuntu works best currently, I’ve had some luck with a couple other, sort of kind of, when in Fedora if every drive is mounted and I run

sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg

this command breaks manjaro, centos and pop os! boot, but not ubuntu

I’m wondering if they’re is something that can be done?

I want to just have 2-3 ssds what I can continually install distros and just have one distro manage the bootloader.

I like Fedora’s grub 2 it’s made of steel, never breaks.

I’ve been in a constant study of distros, trying to find one that can run Davinci Resolve with AMD Polaris/Vega, run makemkv and detect and install firmware to my blackmagic intensity pro 4k.

Fedora/Ubuntu can run hacked versions of resolve, I’m crossing my fingers that Ubuntu can get my blackmagic intensity Pro 4k.

I’m not sure how to get makemkv working on Fedora, I also need to check out Centos 8 and Centos stream. If they use Dnf, Davinci Resolve should easily work with Rocm, still unsure about makemkv on rpm distros.

The killer for Centos 8 and maybe even Fedora 31 is 32 bit as still need dxvk/lutris/steam

If anyone has ideas how to dual boot a bunch of distros let me know also if anyone has tried Centos 8, do you know if it can run wine/lutris/dxvk?


Install os-prober and run it then create your config, i should find any os thats install and it to the config

If it’s separate drive installs then don’t make them aware of one another. Install individually, and if you want to switch OS then hit whatever function key at boot for a single boot up or change the UEFI/BIOS boot priority for it to always boot from that selection.

wow good point, f12 and you can just pick what you want, that fell right under my nose, good-bye grub.