Dual boot on an existing Linux system

Here is what I’m doing. I have anexisting ubuntu 18.04 install that I’m want to do a dual boot on. My plan is to disconnect the existing drives, install the new nvme drive and install windows on it. Then reconnect the other drives and use F8 to choose which os to boot into. is there any foreseeable problems with this?

My system Asus ROG Zenith Extreme
AMD 1950 threadripper
NVME 1 linux (current linux install)
NVME 2 (on the dimm.2 board) for the windows install
and three 2TB storage hds (spinning rust)

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Your plan seems good - You can run os-prober (inside ubuntu) after installing win10 and let grub handle the os choosing. Have a look at archwiki - GRUB#Detecting_other_operating_systems

If windows isnt on the first device you could run into problems with windows update nuking your Linux bootloader.

Microsoft always wanting to be first in line, sigh.

Does that happen when everything Linux is on a completely separate drive? I’ve always been an advocate of using separate drives, but I haven’t used Windows in over 6 years.

It has happened in the past.

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If you are worry about your privacy and security then I do not recommend it, because your second system can be compromised with this setup

I’m not too concerned with security as I have a hardware firewall. Also windows can not access my linux drives, but linux can access my windows drive and I only boot into windows to play a couple of games.

Might you be interested in doing a VFIO setup instead? You’d need a second GPU, and the setup is more complicated, but you wouldn’t have to worry about windows being a butthead and nuking the bootloader.

I’ve already got it set up now and it’s works well. If and when I can get a second gpu, I might try the VFIO.