Dual boot drive config


I want to move to a dual boot setup but I'm unsure about how I should have them installed on my drives. I currently have two 1TB hard drives and a 120GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD. How do you think I should have them partitioned/setup. I want to use Windows 10 and Linux Mint. I have tried it in VMware but with only one drive which worked fine.


I'd say if you want to keep both OS snappy, you should just split the SSD and install something like GRUB or rEFInd


I had this issue up until I went Linux 100%. I had the SSD partitioned with both Mint & Win 8.1, but I then switched my work over to Mint and left Windows for gaming only on the SSD. I suddenly stopped playing games and went all in on Linux.

Partition the SSD 50/50 and have the Windows My Documents etc folder on 1 HDD and MInt /home on another HDD.

efi is pretty cool, you can actually leave the windows bootloader and use the efi/bios to choose which you'd like to boot.

you could split the ssd, but honestly linux doesnt need much. (espicially if you put your home folder on one of the hdds)
you could give mint as little as 10-15GB and give the rest of the ssd to windows

I decided to go with a 50/50 split on the SSD and put any large files on the hard drives like Virtual Machines and ISO's.


ok fork in the road No. 1
Which will you use more / want to use more ?
Realistically how fast does it need to be ?

Bottom line try what configuration you think is best. clone your windows drive or backup whatevs. that adjust you settings

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That's always a question that comes up 2 weeks in from my experience... When you realize how much more productive you are with one, the other takes a bck seat. Happened to me, now I have no Windows partitions and split drives between /home /Videos / Downloads