Dt770 pro or dt880 pro

Looking for my first good pair of headphones. I have a pair of beats now I got as a gift and I don't like them. I listen to a lot of rock and metal like chevelle avenged sevenfold coheed and Cambria Slipknot and some rock rap limp bizkit rage against the machine. Anyways i want to also use these for gaming. So which do you guys think I would like better? And also how bad is noise leak from the 880's? Can you use them while traveling? 

Im planing to get 250 ohm versions would onboard audio or an iphone power these enough to hear them? I will get an amp eventually though. 

The 770 is a closed pair and the 880 is semi open. For your needs I would go with the 770, its closed so it won't leak nearly as much as the 880 and it will block out noise much better. As for the ohms, if you get 250 you will most certainly want an amp, especially a portable one for the iphone. If you get the 32 ohm version you can power them with pretty much anything.

How much of difference in sound quality is 32 vs 250 or even 80 ohms?

32 to 80, not noticable.  32 to 250, barely noticable.  80 to 250, Barely noticable.  

And by the way.  The iphone will power them, They will just be rather quiet.  


It will power them but It probably wouldn't sound anywhere near the potential they can put out, I think you would be fine the 32 ohm man.

*fine with

Alright 32 ohm dt770s it is. Thanks guys