Dt 880 Pro Or Custom One Pro?

They are currently the same price on Amazon, 200$ I am looking for headphones that can be balanced but at the same time deliver amazing bass, I am going to create electronic music, I noticed the dt880 pros base price is about 350$ while the COP's are 230$ So is it safe to assume that since the dt880s are normally more expensive that they are better?


No, price does not equal quality in the audio industry.

The DT 770 and 990 Pro versions can easily be purchased for less than the COPs, and are essentially the same thing as the 880s (they major difference is closed 770s, semi-open 880s, and open 990s). If ever want a portable headphone, the COPs would be a good investment.

All 3 of those headphones (770, 880, 990) have completely different sound signature, all of which is not the result of the different type of back.  770 is V shaped (more bass, treble, a "fun" headphone).  880 is crisp, detaile, and mostly neutral with an emphasis on treble, and the 990 is a better version of the 770.