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DSL to VDSL/ADSL - BT Openreach socket

You might want to have a read of this thread for PlusNet users (owned by BT), who have the same issue.

Can't say I read the whole thing, but looks like a known issue.

On the plus side, you can take the router with you and have a solid piece of hardware :smiley:

Thanks for finding this, when I mentioned it to BT they basically just ignored what I told them (could tell they were not interested) and wanted to send another engineer out.

I kind of fixed my upload issue, if I limit my upload speed in filezilla by -20kib then I can 90% of the time get a solid upload of large files. Not sure how anyone using a browser based upload or other tools for drive / cloud storage etc would do that but luckily all of my uploading is via FTP.

As for the connection still the random disconnects, not as frequently as before but still happening, even happens when I'm not even using the net. I am keeping a log of the times, what I am doing when it happens and the lights for when I call them up next.

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