DSL internet connection

Sorry if this is the wrong spot or the question has been asked before, please redirect me then.

I recently moved from Romania to Germany and the internet connection here is via DSL, which I’m not used to.

My contract is with Telekom, the one for the 175Mb/s line.

To use this I need to get a special router with integrated modem (Fritzbox starting from a certain model) or one from them, the Speedport Smart 3. The landline phone would be connected to the router. I was told the router/modem should support super-vectoring.

As I had a Wi-Fi Router (both a TPLink TL-WR841ND and a TL-WR1043ND), I figured I could get a DSL modem and use my own router. In the local store I only found a D-Link ADSL2+ DSL-321B modem.

Should this solution work? I tried configuring the modem and accessing the web (the PC was connected via ethernet cable to the modem) and couldn’t. What would I need to change? The modem isn’t a fit, or is it just not good enough? Do I need a splitter between the phone socket and the modem (I am not planning to using a phone)? Or did I just mess something while setting up the modem?


Because you have your own router etc you really only need a modem.
Your isp ‘telekom’ would have supplied modems separately when they first started offering the DSL service, years ago.
What they will be supplying now however will be an ‘all in one’ modem, router, wifi access point and switch.
So your options in my opinion are to look on ebay for an old modem from your ISP
Or get the all in one from the ISP
I personally would go with the older modem as it likely sends less data back to your isp than a modern one will

Also if your connection is 175mb/s then its a VDSL service and not ADSL

I don’t see this as something they sell? They had 100 and 250.

I assume you bought the 250mbit one and you should receive up to 175 because of distance from the box.

You need a modem which specifically support VDSL2 profile 35b.

If you want a ‘modem only’ (there’s technically no such thing anymore) the only one i know that exists is the Draytek Vigor 160 https://www.draytek.com/products/vigor160/#specs

No. As above, your ISP is needed specific VDSL technology that basically no one is using much yet.

Yes. For ADSL/VDSL you need a splitter in all phone sockets regardless if you use a phone or not.

This isnt an option because of the new technology being used.

For your options.

  • Fritz!Bozx dont sell “modems”. Your only option with them that i can see is the 7590
  • You can use the Telekom gear
  • Or you can use the Draytek 160 which is as close to a “modem” as your going to get as far as I know

The telekom gear will already be set up with the correct profile info for the ISP, other gear might not be and you might have to manually configure them with the right information for them to work.

Here in the US we have comcast, as I am sure you know.

We have this same deal, but some garbage from arris. The gateway, as its called by comcast, has the ability to become just a modem with a switch, and you can connect a router to it and it works fine.