should i buy it? its $180 when i could get a ds light for $120

i still have the original fat ds

i think 180 bucks is too much for it i could spend use that money towards a new build and i rarley play with my ds

im a nintendo fan so im a bit excited

Already released here in EU. tbh, i wouldn't recommend it, just get a DS Lite and R4, can do everything a DSi can do except take pictures, plus you can pirate games that way. :p Can also play movies on DS Lite with R4, not sure if you can even do that in DSi.

Nintendo fan? What's it like playing two games a year?

But seriously, that DSi looks cool, but $180? Eff that.

yea i dont see the point to the dsi but it has some neat features that i will probably get bored with after 5 minuits

becuase it take my cellphone and ipod touch everywhere and my ipod can do everything and more the dsi can do besides pictures but thats what i have my phone for

just hack your ipod touch and get all the games you need

the newer games are going to have things that need to be used on a DSi, that can't be done or acquired playing with just a DS lite. i already have a DS lite with an R4, so i don't plan on ever getting the DSi. but if you really want to, i wouldn't tell you not to get it.

what is this R4 you people speak of and where can you link me to one for purchase

message me on steam, i'm not going to link it here.

We heard you like to hax your DS and pirate games.

no you didn't :(

KOkun wrote 9 minutes ago »

no you didn't :(

k will message you but for some reason when i double click on the steam icon it dosent open lol i have to restart but im too lazy and i am watching ufo hunters

that show is hella funny

lol k

What the fuck is a DSi?

I'd say wait, i'm pretty sure with the new SD slot you won't even have to get a R4 if you wanna pirate. So just wait to see what people do with the DSi.

I had the old fat DS that you have now, And i buyed a light and it wasent a big diffrence if you got a fat DS stick to it.

DSi is awesome am thinking about geting one for Dragon Quest IX

ultracombo wrote 10 hours ago »

Nintendo fan? What's it like playing two games a year?

But seriously, that DSi looks cool, but $180? Eff that.

if the two games are awesome it is cool... lol... I don't have a DS but I would argue that quality > quantity.

DSi has a web browser.

Get it.

MeGotRice wrote 5 minutes ago »

DSi has a web browser.

Get it.

but i have an ipod touch

the stuff in the dsi dosent justify the price for me i much better of getting a light.

my sister has the light and shit makes my fat ds look hideous but too bad its pink =(

>iPod touch

You're doing it wrong.