DSC 1864 alarm new install options wanted

Im building a new home, and bought a new DSC 1864 system.

Im basically duplicating what I had in my previous house.

Im looking for help making sure I get the appropriate amount of items in the cabinet.

Can I get some opinions on which items to put in each cabinet? I need to try to get the wires split for the cabinets because drywall goes up in a few days.

I am using 2 cabinets, and have these zones:

1 Front door
2 East windows
3 Bedroom East Windows
4 Garage roll up doors
5 Garage Entry door
6 Garage Utility door
7 K motion detector (Bravo 3 BV300DP)
8 Bedroom window
9 Bedroom window
10 Bathroom window
11 other door
12 glass break detectors (2) AC100
13 T Motion detector (Bravo 3 BV300DP)
14 Bedroom W windows
15 Bedroom Motion Detector (Bravo 3 BV300DP)
16 Bedroom South Window
17 Phone line tamper

Also using:

3 PK5501 keypads and
2 PTK5507 keypads
LED strobe light (9-15 VDC needed)
Outdoor 30 watt siresn
Indoor 15 Watt siren

PC5108 zone expander
PC 5204 Power supply module
Eyez On Evisilink 4 EVL-4EZ