Drupal What is it and how to use the bastard

Self explanatory topic really. I have never use it so i dont Know what it is but would like to find out. After scouring the web is cannot find that explains what it is in a language of IDIOT so I was hoping that you or Windell could explain.

Drupal Is a CMS (Content Management System), like Wordpress or Joomla! If you've heard of them. It basically lets multiple users to create and edit content for a website with different permissions. It also generally greatly simplifies the upkeep of a website... Having said this Drupal is known for being very customizable and yet much more complicated than other CMS's. I personally have no experience with Drupal and I'm sure another memeber of the fourm could explain how to use it. The Tek Syndicate website uses Drupal because of the fourm plug-in it uses was much better than the one available by other CMS's at the time of creation.

Im sure someone else could explain in more detail and a bit better than me

SImply put Drupal is powerful but hard to tame ;)


thanks Swish, i think i'll need to start using that then so i can get some experience which may help me understand more of it. that said i have so far got about 13 hours of coding experience and thats only in html 5 and css 3 so i don't know weather i'm biting of more than i chew or not but i guess i'll find out soon.