Drum & Bass 101: Breakbeat Science

Music is neat! This thread is dedicated to exploration of the electronic music sub-genre of Drum & Bass (DnB). For those new to DnB, think of it as the Thrash Metal of electronic music. Like Thrash, the general goal of DnB is simple - to create harder and faster music

So go ahead and post your favorite DnB!

Dubstep Warning:

Dubstep is an unfortunate perversion of DnB. For those who played the Witcher 3, think of Dubstep as a Botchling. For everyone's sanity, it should be avoided in this thread.


Let's start with one of my favorite DnB producer/DJs:


97 Octane (1997)

A Soldier's Story (1999)

System Upgrade (2000)

The 6ixth Session (2000)

Project Human (2002)
Disc #1

Disc #2

The Dungeonmaster's Guide (2004)

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Another of my favorites:


Fear of People (2000)

Lie Cheat & Steal / You Should be Ashamed (2003)

No One's Listening Anymore (2005)

The Emperor's New Clothes (2007)

Music for Prophet (2010)

The Draft (2013)

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reminds me of "boom boom sattelits"

Here are a couple drum & bass-esque track I've written:



Some drum & bass I like (which mostly consists of Pendulum):

And this gem:

I'll post more later.

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Fully Automatic (1997)

Lock & Roll (1999)

At Close Range (2003)

Weapons of Tomorrow (2007)



Silent Witness


Total Science

some d&b and breakbeat, i don't like drawing lines between genres too easily

bit more chiptune..as the name says

not really d&b but dang those drums


saw katharsys live a few weeks ago, it was fun

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totally agree. Anything related to drum & bass, breaks, jungle, etc works for me :D
besides dubstep haha

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do you like Scorn ? Stealth had some poopstep mentions in reviews, but i can handle it
not sure if you dig ?

Not overly familiar with Scorn, but what I have heard isn't bad. There's a blurry line when Dubstep-like sounds come into play. I mainly just don't like the really pop dubstep wubness

Yeah, stealth is not too poppy i feel, mostly, i like the production on this record but miss the complexity from their other electronic records. Scorn started in the 90's by mick harris from napalm death, the albums are pretty eclectic, to me ''plan b'' is my favourite record.

A quick flip through this thread, and I am impressed as far as DnB goes, it's fairly tame. As mentioned with the pervetion with dubstep, you tend to get testosterone filled meaty DnB that often is just tiring on the ears....speaking of tiring on the ears, how about some industrial DnB? First one is NeoRev, the second one is the only DnB I have ever done, so consider it shameless promotion? maybe? DnB isn't the usual type of music I write....

and mine, complete with tempo modulation for grainy goodness :D

I always though Dubstep is a mixture of 2 Step and Dub … SCNR :)

Yeah if we got really detailed into schemantics, a lot of this stuff is offshoots and sub-sub-genres and things that relate to DnB-like sound. There's a pretty broad range. As I was discussing with @hvmkim, I'm not very anal about sectioning off the sub-genres and such. Folks like Klute make some very chill stuff, while many others make much more aggressive tracks.