Driving 3 monitors on one card?

I'm curious about which cards out there actually support 3 monitors on one card.  I'm looking to get a 3 display setup going for work, I currently am driving 2 monitors on my GTX 460, and when I tried to hook up my 3rd, my gpu decides to complain at me about only supporting 2 monitors (but it gives me 3 outputs).

The crux of the matter is whether or not a GTX 660 would work for driving 3 monitors, or if I'd have to go for an AMD card to get that kind of setup going in my price range (200-250$ for the card itself, which means a 760 is in reach).  I've been using nvidia for years and never had an issue with them, the AMD naming convention just confuses the hell out of me (except the R9 cards, which almost mirror the nvidia scheme).

Grab a 7950. Probably the best card in that price range for gaming on 3 monitors, and a good card in general. You can grab a 760, if you wish. The 7950 is the higher performing card after overclocking. The higher amount of Vram should help somewhat.


Found a 7970 priced at the top end of your budget


i have a 7850 running 3 monitors in eyefinity bf3 40fps its awesome but it is overclocked to the max

So I need a display port compatible monitor as #3?  Not DVIx2+HDMI?

I should also mention that I do not regularly overclock, I'm simply not interested in it for the most part.  The only thing I've ever OC'd was my RAM cause I wanted it to actually run at the advertised speed instead of what my motherboard decided to detect it at.