Drives with same or non-existent wwn numbers

Anyone have a clue, how to fix drives or drive enclosures that have the same wwn or uuid for use with zfs?

i have two silicon power ssds with same identifiers. The first time i have seen this with a drive itself. I have seen this before with some saberent usb hdd enclosures.

Is there a way to assign a wwn to a drive?

Are you seeing this in something like truenas or a linux distro? Are the drives used or new?

ubuntu server 22.04lts, currently although can confirm have seen it also in 20.04lts and 20.10.

i have a pair of 1tb sillicon power SP001TBSS3A55S25 there relatively new (i know there wwns have been the same since new), i was trying to use with zfs.

the usb drive enclousers i first saw this with was, SABRENT 2.5-Inch SATA to USB 3.0 Tool-Free External Hard Drive Enclosure

using any drive even if it had a wwn when used directly via sata cable will mask it and all Sabrent enclosure use same wwn which happens to be similar to the wwn of the identical silicon power drives.

yeah. so silicon power actually does this on purpose it seems. if you buy 2 of the same drive at the same time of theirs, chances are they will have the same WWN also. They have had a fair number of people reach out and ask for support, or a firmware fix, to no avail. you have 2 options. (3ish)

  1. use your distro utilities to force a unique UUID (WWN is part of firmware, UUID is kind of configurable). and while this will work for a while. most people have said at some point the drives will revert and the array will fail.
  2. return the drives through the vendor you purchased them from.
  3. buy 1 other similar sized non silicon power drive, use it and 1 silicon power drive in the array, and keep the extra as a spare or use it in a different PC.

Why does it matter? The vdev ID stored in the vdev label is unique per device anyway, kernel UUID/WWN isn’t used by zfs. Just add the vdevs using kernel device names, no need to use the udev-generated names.

Op could create labelled partitions, and use them as providers?

Unless using Truenas,;Might need to do it in console but geli should be capable?

Ah, but assembling an array in the gui… Not sure if can select by name


thats exactly the point. effort vs ease of use. On linux or BSD a lot of clunky odd situations can be forced into compliance. but is it worth the headache and will you remember when it is time to upgrade? when you do upgrade will they have altered the way the cludge works?