I got a pc that had a none legit Windows XP so I need to get a new Windows. when i reformat and install xp will everything work like normal or do i have to install drivers and what not?

You have to install drivers or you could switch to windows 7 and not have to worry

Yes, you have to install all the drivers needed. IE: Soundcard, Graphics etc.

The problem with that is i don't know which drivers i am supposed to download. Is there an easy way to find out?



Lets say you have an nvidia card and that card is the 9600GT

Google: Nvidia drivers 9600GT

well you can always get thos driver updater programs and let them find what drivers u need it'll make u buy the program *most likly* but dont, just use the list it scaned for u to update ur drivers and uninstall the driver updater program

[quote]Lol buy software[/quote]

Do you need to use window xp boy2671?

Well no i could use anything

Wait what about windows 7? why would i not have to worry if i use windows 7?

You would not have to worry about going around finding drivers for old shit windows 7 does that all for you ;D

windows 7 is a joke i have it im running it and my 5.1 went to 2.1

my graphics drivers are failing

but my computer runs the same

It seems that i can not download the beta any more...

boy2671 wrote 13 hours ago ยป

It seems that i can not download the beta any more...

torrents maybe?