Drivers copy to use it in another install

Hello i was wondering if it would be posible to copy installed driver from one windows install to another one. I cant find the driver for it at all online. Thanks

What drivers are you trying to find? You cant usualy just copy the files as theres usually registry entries, files elsewhere, settings, etc.

Assuming you have a working Windows installation with all of the drivers already installed, you can use DriverMagicianLite Portable to extract out all of the existing drivers.

Then to install them, you can use the dism tool to install them manually after imaging the system/installing windows and before rebooting (shift+f10 for command prompt). The syntax is something like:

dism /add-driver /image:c: E:\drivers\Win8_x64_e6220_extracted_drivers\ /recurse

but be sure to do

dism /image:c:\ /add-driver /?

to get the exact syntax.

or if command prompts scare you, then just wait until after-install and point device manager to that folder and it should auto-detect the drivers one by one.

The audio drivers for this old ass laptop that my grandparents use for some games and things that dont work on 7

ok thanks ill give it a try.

What I have personally done without flaw is to copy the DriverStore and drivers folders (technically you only need the former) from System32, and then right click the device, update driver, choose the DriverStore folder (from a flash drive or ext. HDD) and it voila there you have it. I have done this for a little over 50 desktops/laptops without fail.

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