Drivers Analyzer for Windows?

Do anyone know any software that scans your PC for Missing drivers and Helps installs it? Been trying to find a legit program that does this. I have a late 2008 Macbook pro that Runs Win 7 Professional. i got it to work properly but not all the drivers are in for it to work like Brightness, Volume Control( there is no Volume driver) and many more.

Also my specs for this Laptop is this

Any help will be Appreciated.

Driver Booster but it is a turn and burn. Other words use once and nuke :) Due to the level of access you do not want to just let it run in the background.

so basically just use once and delete everything after?

Just the program. :)

I feel pretty odd by your smile face. but I'll try it

Best thing to do is go find the beta version. Usually somewhere in the advanced system care forum. Try to avoid picking up from anywhere else.

File Hippo is okay for older versions
Major Geeks but watch the installer

thank you

np .