Mayby some of you can help me.I just did a new new windows 8.1 clean install on my computer (once in a while i do this so everything feels new and i get rid of all of the old stuff)

Now i got a problem i can't understand

Almost every time when i boot up my cpu and its running a few minutes it goes into a blue screen saying driver_power_state_failure. It wants to collect info,but it doesn't collect info (it stays at 0% info)

Then when i boot up again everything is fine and keeps fine the whole day


I looked up this in google most of the problems people have is an old driver from a device that doesn't work good with win 8 or a psu problem

I checked in device manager but it seems all of my hardware is fine(no old drivers or exclamation marks here) .It seems to me all of my drivers are up to date..  Some people say i have to update my mobo,but then i never had a problem with that.

 They only old hardware i have is a webcam where there was no win 8.1 driver for so i used a old win driver 

  Also checked all of the cables,and gpu,mem.,nothing is loose




 thanx in advance and forgive me for my bad english i'm from the Netherlands

 ps :

i tried searching for c:windows/minidump but that map doesn't excicst?

seems that nowwhere is a dumpfile in the windowsmap

AFAIK this is due to Win 8 not shutting down, but hibernating the Kernel in a file for fast startup.  Try disabling fast startup/quickboot in your BIOS and see how you go after that.

ok thanx 

but i cant find quickboot in my bios or something like fast boot

ive got the asus p8p67

any idea?