Driver packs

I was hoping someone could help me out with a project I am
doing. What I need is to find some place that has drivers for windows 7 x86
version only. I know about driveracks .net but need updated ones. I would also
like to get some for windows 8.1 x64,

Go to the manufacturer's website and download the drivers for the parts.

Only driver you need is ethernet so you are up and running (i keep mine on a stick) driver's go out of date fast best to just get on the net and update.

If you have an enterprise grade machine:




Those are raw driver packs for image deployment and hence all require

dism /image:B:\ /add-driver /driver:Y:\drivers\Win7_x64\storage /recurse

on an mounted or installed but pre-specialized image to integrate into dynamically.

Forget all of that. You only need this:

I've been using that piece of software since forever. The size of the complete database is about 10GB. It contains drivers for pretty much every chipset or controller that's out there. Sound cards, USB controllers, Ethernet Controllers, Intel or AMD chipset drivers, etc. It supports anything from XP up to 8.1 and I think they will integrate windows 10 support soon if they haven't already.

I have a USB drive with the full driver package. I plug it in and a few clicks later, it has updated all the drivers in the system. It releases driver updates every couple of days which you can download at your leisure and keep your database up to date.

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