Driver issues for windows

I started getting the Warning in event viewer a few months ago and it has really bugged me since. About 5 minutes after I start up my pc cmd open and then closes, no text appears is in the window. It just has become really annoying and I have searched everywhere and tried a lot of solutions but none of them have worked. The warning I get is "The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ACPI\PNP0A0A\2&daba3ff&0". Some people believe it has something to do with a usb driver.

Event viewer information:

Everything about my pc:

I'm not sure it was a good idea to post all that information, including your hardware address, on pastebin.

Anyway that being said, I'd say to uninstall/check your USB driver in device manager. You might need to reinstall it. Otherwise, unless the hardware is going, you might have an infection.

This tends to happen if you have a USB memory device plugged in during boot. Unplug any you have and see if it still happens.