Driver Installation Order

So, I haven’t really installed drivers that have been downloaded from the manufacturer’s site, and I was wondering if there’s a particular installation order that the drivers need to be installed in. For example, chipset first, then USB, or vice versa, etc…

Not really. If you’re on 8 and up it does it for you.

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Nowadays if I ever need to install a driver manually it’s for the nic. The rest I leave for Windows Update to figure out.


I usually only worry about the NIC driver and Windows 10 takes care of the rest. Same deal with 8.1. However, I do use a program called Driver Booster to scan, download and install the latest drivers on desktops running Windows 7 (and even some Win10 machines, depending on hardware vintage) if I’m in a hurry. While the software does try to up-sell you, it hasn’t failed me yet for a quick reload. Compared it to doing it by hand and it was the same result, just faster. Something to consider even though a few years ago I would have told you all that type of software was BS and borderline malware.

Spoke with Asus and they said the driver installation order doesn’t matter. I asked them to recheck to be sure, as I definitely did not want to be wrong on this. They reassured that the installation order does not matter.

I would give the solution credit to @Thymo since he solved your issue 4 days before you contacted support and were told the same thing.

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Different answers.