Driver help! Intel Graphics failure

Basically, I have a laptop with Intel graphics and an nVidia 950m. I can get the 950m to run properly 90% of the time, but in an effort to get it to run the one game it refuses to run, I disabled my Intel graphics through control panel. Now, no program at all is recognizing my 950m. I'm sure I can restore the computer to its previous functionality, but that won't fix the problem I was trying to fix in the first place.

I am trying to get the 950m to run Rome: Total War.

More specific question: Should I try disabling the 950m and enabling Intel graphics on the assumption that they are labeled improperly?

I basically need to know if there is a way to strong-arm the game to use the 950.

I have a sneaking suspicion that your graphics is not switchable, meaning both have to be enabled for them to work.

Did you check out the nvidia control panel and specify RTW to run on the 950m?

yes I did.

And when I disable intel, the nVidia control panel claim I don't have an nVidia device. When I disable nVidia, none of my software recognizes the 950

Maybe I didnt put it clearly enough. You cannot turn off the intel IGPU and have the 950m work correctly.

So my attempt to further clarify the events on my computer to help you determine if your "sneaking suspicion" was true or false was unnecessary?

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