"Drive" and Escaping Zee Factory

For 20 minutes I laid in thine bed. And for 20 minutes, I could not rest. For I had told myself I wanted to write an article. Because I in fact did! :D

Therefore, I shall haphazardly discuss drive! :)

Many of us go throughout our lives not entirely sure what we want to do, this is perfectly normal, and in my mind – healthy because it gives you a reason to explore everything this world has to offer. If you're anything like me, your interests stretch such a gamut that you have a hard time finding any like minded people. *kindred soul fist bump*

Living in rural Wisconsin (I know some of you just shuddered), the ideal lifestyle here seems to be either joining the military, or working a stable factory job until retirement..

This scares the sh*t out of me.

My love of writing, drawing, gaming, 3d modeling, making music, eating sushi, and hiking to the tops of tropical mountains simply won't allow me to survive that “default” option.

I therefore ruminate, and ponder nightly, daily, hourly, awake, dozing, and sleeping (sometimes planking), on how not to get stuck in a factory my whole life.. thus far things are not looking promising.

I suddenly don't know what to write out of fear... but because this is “my” blog...


..ok I'm done.. yelling that is.

The best advice I can offer is to find something that constantly preoccupies your mind, something that you could talk about for days upon days.. + a few minutes. Once you do find that, run with it and don't stop. The world isn't a friendly place, and you need to fight to hold your ground.

However, if you're fighting with something that drives you, it'll stack the odds that much more in your favor.

In order to help you slay the dragon that is the world, my future self will have written an article on the blogosphere! (Link soon)

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year! :)



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could'nt agree with you more. I decided during grammar school (UK version of high school) that i was going to aim to do car design. For those of you who don't know car design is probably the most competitive kinds of design to get into, and was going to require dedication and drive to get into but I was willing to take the risk because I loved the subject. I recently started an art degree at college, chosen due to my desire to do design and artisitic nature, and I am SO glad that I chose a path and went with it, instead of doing what a lot of my friends at school did and stick with A-levels, not knowing what they wanted to do. Somthing that shocked me quite recently was asking one of my college classmates what he wanted to do in the future and he said he was going to leave the art course because it was too hard and he was not getting any better at art, and go do a plastering degree instead, because its easier. I suspect its the 'I'm going to do this career because its easy attitiude that makes everyone in your area work a factory job. Granted the army is not easy and does come with risks but it is a very stable career in terms of payment. I completely understand your fear of getting trapped in a dead end career, and at hte end of the day it is far better to put all your effort into somthing you love and not succeed than play it safe and constantly regret not picking somthing you really wanted to do, merely because of the effort and risk required.

I apologize if this comment is far too long but I just wanted to show my appreciation to you for posting this to inspire others, so they might not end up burdened with regrets.

Hi Sketch13! That's so awesome to hear, it's never easy making the leap to do what you love, the unbeaten path and so on. Car design sounds amazing, I've always been interested in auto body fabrication from afar, never got too deep into it though. It's great to hear that the art degree is going well for you! Finding like minded people in the arts can be very difficult. Thank you for the well wishes and amazing comment, you're right on all points!! We regret more what we don't do, than what we do. :D