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Drinking tea through a twix

Does anyone else do this? Or is it just me?

It's easy...

1) Bite both ends off a Twix.

2) Dip one end in a cup of tea. Coffee works too, but not quite as well.

3) Suck.

4) Enjoy the chocolatey tea-ey taste sensation

5) Eat the Twix quickly before it melts all over your fingers and falls in your tea.


Instructions unclear, got dick caught in ceiling fan.


Instructions unclear, got foot stuck in tea cup.


why would you ruin your tea in first place. If you want a Carmel/chocolate drink get a coco or something.

You won't understand until you try it.


I don't think we'd understand even if we did try...

Is a twix like a poor man's timtam?

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In the UK Penguins are probably more like Tim Tams.

Just to clarify that is not a real penguin, just a chocolate bar. If you bite the head and feet off a real Penguin and try to put it in a cup of tea it won't end well...


That sounds absolutely awful, oh god.

I am trying not to over the years...


when i get back home from work today i'll show you why you don't understand.

What a waste of Twix.

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oh shit thats so weird, i did this earlier when i was working and thought to myself, "i wonder if anyone else does this?" STOP READING MY THOUGHTS

edit: KitKats also work, plus more flavours !


You don't know until you try.

It escaped...

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I do this. And I am proud.

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What the hell are you talking about, around here our Twix are not hollow and would make a very poor straw.


You can suck tea through the biscuit. Try it. It works!

I remember doing this when I was younger.

I don't think I ever managed to eat the biscuit before it fell either back into the tea, or onto the floor/table/me.

The kid in me is saying, do it again!

The beard on me is saying, are you stupid?

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