Dreamweaver Alternatives?

Dreamweaver is SLOW. The FTP is slow, changing tabs is slow, opening files is slow. But dreamweaver does one thing better than any other I have found so far: Project Management. Having all of my sites in a dropdown to easily swap back and forth is great. Being able to save all of a sites info to a STE file and send it to someone is great.

I've tried using Brackets (looks nice, project support blows) and Sublime which I liked but having 3 files to manage a project and having to type all of the setting by hand is a huge pain in the ass.

Looking for any good alternatives to dreamweaver that provide the same level of project management with faster FTP and more stability. I work primarily in HTML/CSS/JS and PHP and I would prefer something that has recent variable/code hinting similar to sublime.

Vim + SSH

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From what I understand Vim is a really powerful text editor with no built in project support or graphical interface, and to get it close in functionality to an IDE you have to load it up with a bunch of plugins.. Not really even close to what I am looking to for. Not to mention changing my entire workflow to accommodate Vim's complex commands and also Vim has the same issue of sublime wherein because there are no menus to quickly scan through when I'm looking for a particular setting I have to go look up the command online and type it in..

Also I am skeptical of anyone with a website this outdated: http://prntscr.com/bd6xf4

theirs plugins for project management.

also vim is a robust text editor, if you get used to it, you are much faster than any other IDE or text editor.