Dream Theater

I love to listen to Dream Theater on the way to work. Anyone else? I love the track Panic Attack for sure.

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I mix it up, but my favorite song would be Glass Prison off of Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence.

Huge DT fan. Panic Attack is indeed badass but I've recently been on a Train of Thought kick.
Something about Stream of Consciousness that gets me going.

same here. Octavarium always gets me going. Honor Thy Father is good too.

Octavarium is just a journey in itself, haha.
As for Honor Thy Father, I really love how much emotion they were able to convey throughout the song. I believe the lyrics describe James LaBrie's stepfather or something?

Yep. Dream Theater are good. Octavarium is brilliant and my favourite album is Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence I think.

Endless Sacrifice is good. The Root of All Evil is Awesome!!!
Never enough
Sacrificed Sons
innocence faded
The Mirror
A change of seasons.

Change of Seasons, Lie, whole Metropolis Pt.2, Solitary Shell, whole Train of Thought

You really like the Octavarium album, haha.
What is your opinion on Black Clouds & Silver Linings?

I wasn't blown away with Change of Seasons. Solitary Shell is definitely the best part of Six Degrees in my opinion and Train of Thought might be my favorite album.
What is your favorite song on Metropolis Pt. 2? I'm stuck between a few:

  • Fatal Tragedy
  • Scene Six: Home
  • Scene Seven: The Dance of Eternity
  • Scene Nine: Finally Free

Hard to tell... definitely torn between Fatal Tragedy and Finally Free.

I think the lyrics were written by Mike Portnoy :/

Being my Dad's favorite band, i have listened to alot of Dream Theater. So much so that they are now one of my favorite bands. I have seen them live 3 times and ,when they play the older songs from Metropolis pt2 , Awake and Images and Words, they are truly fantastic.

I like the older albums most, Stream of Consciousness and Pull Me Under, are my favourite :-)

I sometimes listen to these two tracks from "Dream Theater" on the way to work!

Dream Theater - A Rite Of Passage
Dream Theater - Burning My Soul

@nugget9711 Mike Portnoy wrote The Best of Times for his father. That relationship was nothing but good. Honor Thy Father exudes a much less favorable mood towards a dad. And yes, I would agree that the older albums reign supreme.

@TomasWhite22 Me as well, but I'm not as impressed with Pull Me Under as the rest of the music scene was. It's a good song, yes, but it's in my bottom three for that album.

@ThorsSpear A Rite of Passage is such a ballad! I would listen to A Nightmare to Remember while I'm driving. Not such a good idea seeing as how the lyrics describe a car accident, ha.

I dont like Dream Theater at all . . .


I second that lol.

Do I detect a Bieber fan in this thread? Blasphemy!!!