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Dream setup for linux

So, I got a new m.2 ssd and the samsung migration tools seems to have borked my windows installed somehow. So I might finally make the transition to actually have my main os be linux (I’m already used to using linux apps on my chromebook anyway).
I’ve given it many goes but I want this time to be proper and great.

What my dream setup looks like is this (I don’t know if everything here is possible, but it seems like bits and pieces are slowly being developed so it might work):
The ideal setup I’d like to have (but seems like it’s not (easily) possible yet?):
Host system is linux (ideally Kubuntu (like kde and want the LTS of ubuntu. don’t judge xd)
EDIT: If need be, I can probably use arch I guess. Just mainly want to have KDE, I love KDE plasma
A vm running windows.

I want the gpu to be available on the linux host if I feel like gaming on linux, but be easily available on the windows vm when I’m playing windows games or doing VR (valve index)
EDIT: I’m also planning to try some VR native on Linux as Vavle supports that
(also my new monitor is ‘gsync compatible’ (freesync) so having that work would be great)

And for this I don’t want to be switching display inputs on my monitor ideally. so looking glass fixes that part I guess)

Would super appreciate you guys’ help. (can switch my 3700X and GTX 1080 to Level1tech’s folding team instead of LTT if that helps :wink: my pc is on 24/7)

This sounds all good, but what exactly are you asking?


Sorry, what I was asking if all of this was possible?

The main part that I’m unclear about with the documentation I’ve read online, is if it’s possible to get the gpu in the linux host, but then easily without restarting anything turn on the windows vm and have the gpu fully accesible in there (including being able to do stuff like vr)

I don’t think that you can hot-swap your GPU between your Linux installation and your windows 10 vm. (Maybe somebody can prove me wrong as I haven’t looked at this recently)

However if you were doing only basic graphics tasks in Linux (web browsing, youtube, etc) you might be able to get a cheap gpu (or use integrated graphics) and use it as the linux dedicated gpu and then use PCI passthrough for the windows virtual machine?

Though, gaming on linux has been growing so there is also a good chance that your games may be supported without much fuss. I know there are a bunch of people on these forums that have done similar and would be willing to help.

I’m also not sure on where Linux currently stands for gsync, freesync, or high refresh so that may cause some other hurdles for you down the road.

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Yes you can, but only with NVidia as AMD reset issues prevent this working reliably.


@geep That was my reasoning. I want to game on linux when the game is available or works well over proton. But still need my gpu available in the vm for pretty much all VR things and some games that don’t work well yet)
But seems like it is possible with NVIDIA cards as Gnif said which is nice.

Is having a second gpu still required? or am I good with just my gtx 1080. (Got ryzen, so integrated graphics)

If you have integrated graphics, I think you may have a solid shot at this goal then!

Let me know how it goes for you!

3700X so no integrated graphics.
Could put my old GTX 680 in there I guess