Dream Phones?

Mine is thus:
6.3inch 18.5x9 aspect ratio
OLED (doesnt have to be amoled)
USB Type C
Quad DAC
Headphone Jack
Removable Storage up to 2tb (thanks lg)
removable battery (not being water proof/dust resistant)
One wide angel camera
One Standard camera
Power button on the back

Come to think of it the v30 might aswell be my dream phone. But Ill settle for a g6.

What is yours?


One Phone To Rule Them ALL!


This phone just has to happen guys, The world will become a better place. I am thinking I ordering a second one.

Please guys please, it will be the only phone in world who’s baseband is sperate from the cpu/memory (like it should have been from the first fucking phone ever made).

I am not including the DIY raspberry pi phones and pads because if anyone sees you with one of those things they will call homeland security.


nexus 6p but waterproof


size of S8, screen to body ratio of 90+%, and everything in the OP

I just want the physical keyboard back, someone please make a flip cover kb (that ain’t bluetooth but whatever nfc some phones have that ain’t actually nfc) :pensive:


5.5 inch screen
slider with QWERTY keyboard
OS = Linux or BSD
2x micro SD slots
full sized usb 3
2x batteries
fully rugged
1/2 an inch thick minimum
12+mp camera with 35mm-55mm zoom.
IR light on one end and camera without IR filter on the other end

And this is why I don’t design things…


I’m actually right there with you @sycpuppy

-Overall Height/width of an iPhone 7/8, but with a borderless display like the X
-Horizontal slider with QWERTY Keyboard that has all needed keys for linux
-Have the slider also act to tilt up the phone up to act as a stand
-Linux/open bootloader to install whatever the hell I want
-x86 CPU???
-micro SD
-socketed chipset???
-socketed memory???
-USB C 3.1
-Large (3500mah+) removable battery, or an easily serviceable one
-NO ALUMINUM!!! Steel is real! (or titanium)
-3.5 mm headphone jack (it’s sad I have to put this)
-Physical Airplane mode switch
-Silence switch (like on iPhone/OnePlus 3t)
-Easily repairable like the OnePlus 3t

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My dream phones? A phone I can use with an inexpensive phone service. That is all I ask. MagicJack and similar are what I am talking about. A phone is a need in life and thus should be at least very inexpensive or well honestly free. Die commerce die.

If it can double as a blackjack… that’s what I call winning

A phone with the most current/fastest hardware, a great screen, and great durability. And no matter what you are doing with it, I want it to last 12 straight hours without recharging it.

I don’t want wireless charging, I don’t want facial recognition, I don’t want the slimmest phone in the market, and I don’t want any other gimmicks.

Why is that so difficult?


Sad that this is something you have to list now

I own my dream phone now. An LG V20. 60FPS 4K dual cameras with one having a real physical zoom for micro. Removable back with 28 hour battery. Fuckin great.

a Pwnie express pwn phone 2

My old Samsung Note 2.

Just with 2 USB ports. One for charging while I use a mechanical or controller or something in the second.
Oh wait, front facing stereo speakers, yeah those are good, gotten to like them on the HTC one I am using right now.

That was pretty much my perfect phone. Getting it fixed so will be up and running again soon. Good times.

5.5inch screen amoled
3200mAh battery
8 core CPU
Mali 400 gpu
Wireless charging
Built in stylus
FM radio
Great custom support

Blackberry lasts for several days. Mine does about 5 or 4.

  1. My dream phone has to have fully open-source software and firmware running on it. Including radio and GPS.

  2. OS that can be continually updated like GNU/Linux.

  3. Physical keyboard.

  4. SIM slot which does not have to be operated by a fucking needle.

  5. Removable battery that lasts for 7 days.

  6. HW kill switch for microphone and camera.

  7. Bonus - Eccentric design like the Sharp SH-06D NERV edition.

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Uhh, the v30 with a third telephoto lens?

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Tried Plasma Mobile on my Nexus 5x not sold. AOSP with FDroid is still a better experience tbh.

Will be watching the project though out of curiosity.



I want at least 12 hours of “screen on” time, not “standby” time. No modern phone with a 5 to 6 inch screen will do that. At least my OnePlus 3 has fast charging, so having to stop and charge it isn’t that big of a deal.

uuuuhhhh nope. I edited my original post highlighting the main problem with all smartphones.