Dream Builds?

This is my Dream Build:


What's yours ????


Wouldn't build it if I even had the money. But I mean, if I were to go all out.....this'd be it.


My dream builds are not just part picking, they are a mixture of style and customization. Having painted parts, modded cases, and custom loops that overkill the whole system is just the dream build to me.


doesn't really need explaining, except for the fact I don't want to bother with SLI, let's face it one titan will handle just about anything. 

I would probably get someone who knows their stuff to build it for me, and do some mad case modding/LED lighting or whatever.

I have been working on this for a while: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/QRk4


Like http://www.million-dollar-pc.com/ ?


This is what I will be buying with my first paycheck. Who needs to pay bills anyways? Or morgage, or rent.....

you don't have a cpu ?

Something that's the size of a Raspberry Pi. Easy...

Nice builds. Well MOST of them.


That, for now. There will be costum cooling system in it, the case is Caselabs STH10 (not listed there) and maybe a few fans here and there. And I'll be running Ubuntu in it. The SSD's are running in RAID 10. Can you RAID 0 a RAID 10?



I have xeons...

wheres your case ??


sexy HTPC

the slim 80mm will go on the left to fit the 120mm fans, all 120 slots will be ocupied by a cosair SP120 performance fan

the 5.25 bay will be removed and it will have 2 of the GPU water cooling rads in series, fan>rad>fan>rad>fan

I had to use that particular 7870 because it was the fastest GPU with Rear facing PCI-E plugs

the phanteks can handle a 4.5Ghz 3960X so I'm sure it can do a xeon 8-core stock


CPU- i7 3970x 

GPU- GTX Titan in 4 way sli 

MoBo- ASUS Rampage IV Extreme 

RAM- Corsair Dominator 64gb 


SSD- Samsung 840 Pro Series 512gb

HDD- 3 3tb hard drives

Case- Corsair Obsidian 900D 

Cooler- Corsair H110

Highest end graphics cards, highest end CPU, highest end motherboard, highest end RAM, NO CUSTOM WATER COOLING. That sir, is not a dream rig.


Flex PCI-E 4x to 16x

Angeled HDMI



Proof its possible


Heatsink Review

If that's the way he wants it, then it's a dream rig to him.  Who are you to define someone else's dreams?

I already have my dream build.  It's a capable gaming rig based around the i5 3570k and the GTX 670.  It gets the job done, and I am happy with it.  Can't wait to throw a few upgrades its way when I get some extra cash.  First thing I'm going to upgrade is that shitty stock cooler.  Then I may grab a 256gb SSD and a 1 TB Caviar Black or Seagate.  After that, perhaps I'll go ahead and throw another 8gb of RAM in there and and then add one more 200mm case fan.  By the way, anyone have any suggestions for a 200mm case fan?  I also thought about upgrading the motherboard at some point, but I may hold off on that until LGA 1150 is released.  No need to waste money on a dead socket.