DRAM Problem computer does not boot everytime

Hello fellas, I have this weird issue that sometimes happens where my gpu fails to load when turning on my computer or waking it up from sleep mode - everything seems to turn on but the gpu on boot, when i restart the pc it will boot fine. just wondering what could cause this, its also quite random sometimes it will boot from sleep mode/turn on and other times it won’t

my specs are
ryzen 9 3900x
sapphire 5700XT nitro +
asus TUF gaming b550 Plus
ADATA XPG SX8200 512gb
HyperX Fury Black 2x16 3200mhz
thank you guys in advance

Edit: Its apparently the DRAM thats causing it not sure how to solve it still but i’ve narrowed it down to the dram

Did swamping the RAM fix the problem? Need more information.

I have seen this exact symptom occur a couple of times before with in-place upgrades from Windows 8 to Windows 10. A fresh install of Windows 10 fixed the problem.

Do you have fast start enabled in Windows power settings?

Are you on latest bios?

so a little update as to where i’m at right now, it looks like the problem is/was increasing the ram speed to 3200mhz without really researching as to how to do it properly I just increased it in the bios.
i’ve put the ram speed to default for now, and will let it be for a few days to see if that was the issue 100% and will report back

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