Dram help

Hi,recently built new system.Ryzen7 1800X,Msi titanium mobo,Corsair Platinum CMD32GX4M2C3200C16 dram.Has latest bios update (v1.4) but ram will not run any idea.Whenever i try to change the ram settings the mobo beeps wildly at me and then i have to do a cmos reset.Help please.

Is that RAM listed on your mainboard's QVL list?

No it's not listed

Then you should try to return it for comparable RAM that is listed as only these have been tested to work with your chipset.

Ok thanks,had a feeling that i would have to do that

If you bought it online they may cross-ship a compatible kit if you explain the problem.

Was bought online from scan.co.uk

Corsair makes many models that have already tested out. If you look there may be one that is similar speed but perhaps a different CAS Latency.

Ok thanks for the info

I came into this thread expecting whisky.

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These are things I need to know! I'm enjoying a Mac Spey currently.