Dragon age: Origins taxing my system

So here's my current machine. 

AMD 8350

GTX 670

8gb of ram

win 8 x64


I decided I wanted to replay DA:O so I installed it and cranked the settings up to maximum, because my computer should be able to handle it without issue, right? After a couple of minutes, however, I heard the fan on my 670 kick on, then it started revving like crazy. I quit out of the game and the fan returned to normal. Now I've played the new Tomb Raider, bioshock infinite, and far cry 3 all at max settings with the fan never maxing out like that. A friend of mine suggesting vsync, but it's already enabled. Do any of you guys know what could be causing something like that?

have you tried dissabling vsync? how about using fxaa instead of standard aa or txaa if it's supported

dissabiling vsync makes it worse, the fan jumps up in the main menu, and as far as I can tell, theonly AA options are up to x8 regular aa. 

well try the fxaa from the nvidia control panel. keep in mind it is a console port... so yeah. also try turning aa down a notch like to 4 or 6

Yeah that doesn't sound right...

I run DA:O with everything at max at 1080p on my FX-6300 with a GTX560Ti and it sits happily at v-sync 60 the whole time.

Something is amiss there my friend...