Dragon age: origins -75%

Is it worth trying out? Sale running out in 3 hours.

I've heard so much good about Dragon Age: Origins, but I fear that it will be another game I'm not going to play. What's it like? Should I do it?

2 hours left... anyone???


It's up to you.

Yeah I know, but I'm looking for recommendations. Are there any games that DA:O kinda feels like? Mass Effect with swords and dragons? Oblivion mixed with XXX game? I cannot come in contact with my friend who loves DA, so I'm asking here :D

I know I'm late, but in case it goes on sale again:

DA:O is quite a good game - the characters are interesting although some are classic bioware archetypes. The plot is also a classic bioware stereotype, but it still has its moments. There are interesting choices and consequences, and the way your companions interact is wonderful. The RPG elements are strong, combat is fun and challenging. There are enough special moments in the game for it to be memorable, some can be quite touching too. If you're looking for an adventure, this game will deliver. Steam tells me it took me 61 hours to complete.