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Drag and Drop

Not sure if this is known issue, but I can’t seem to drag and drop folders and files via looking glass. If I RDP to the box it works, so assume this is not a system issue.

Also, any ideas why lookingglass host.exe quits if I rdp to the box? I cant recover it and have to reboot the VM to get lookingglass to work again.


Sorry to just clarify drag and drop, I mean within the Windows VM, not dragging outside, just within the OS itself

Because RDP takes over the display and LG can not co-exist with it.

I have not experienced this at all. What version of LG are you using and what is your window manager (Gnome/KDE, etc), and are you using xorg or wayland?

I switched to VNC for those emergency times, but to be honest, its been very stable and I haven’t had to use it much. Handy for when the IVSHMEM buffer would overflow sometimes.

In regard to the dragging and dropping, could this be related to me keeping a PS/2 mouse in the VM? Is all I can think of if this isn’t an issue anywhere else. I’m running LG B3-127-g854b53e28c on Qtile with xorg.

I’ve never experienced that neither, that’s kinda weird.